Let's change the world

through music and film

“Mini Musicals - Alone on earth“ is a contest for new short-musical-films arranged by Smofa - Skaraborgs Musical and Film Academy, Sweden. 


This call is open to all writers and/or composers, no matter of age, gender, place of residence or amount of experience. 

Covid-19 changed all our lives. Now as some countries go (back) to lock down. what shall we as artists do? 

We don’t know the universal answer but we would like to give you the chance to activate your artistic skills and encourage you to write/ compose a story about a time which lies in the past between 1910 and 1970, but keeping in mind all the things which have happened since. 


"Alone on Earth" is a stimulating topic which will fire all of our imaginations. 


What does it mean to be alone? What happens on earth? Can we escape the  earth? Is the earth the whole world or just the little bit an ant walks on? Does all live arise from earth, like a plant or is earth the thing we go to after death?


Can one be alone in the society? Is one alone even when several people are in the room at the same time? Where is the person? Does something happen in the room during the time? Where is the person talking emotions? Did something happen before which informs the persons thoughts and feelings?


You can show a whole live in just 5 minutes… 

And it’s up to you to choose what to show! 



Kaisa Hammarlund (judging panel) is an international screen (Netflix USA) and stage actress (West End), singer and voice over artist.

Ibinabo Jack (judging panel) is an actor and voiceover artist with bases in London and Manchester.

Malena Tuvung (judging panel)  is a Swedish singer and musical theatre actress. 

Nate Gibson (judging panel)  is an outstanding queer trans designer.


Kolja Schallenberg (judging panel/ producer), Artistic Director at Smofa - Skaraborgs Musical and Film Academy. 

Victor Daggberg (judging panel/ producer), Director of Film at Smofa - Skaraborgs Musical and Film Academy.



Take part in our journey!

We are looking for you as writer and/ or composer (male/ female/ diverse) to take part in our journey! 

The Topic of the contest is “Alone on earth“ and the story shall take place between the years 1910 and 1970.


You can win:

– 10 000 Swedish Crowns (about 990 Euro/ 1,200 US-Dollar/ 890 GBP).

– A full production of the script including music.

– Publishing of the produced film.


Requirements to script/ music:

  • The Mini Musical shall be no longer than 5 minutes with a minimum 2 original compositions and/ or songs showing different musical styles.

  • No more than 2 female or 2 male defining characters (or up to maximum of 4 performers and diverse defining characters)

  • The story must take place between years 1910 to 1970

  • Script and texts have to be in English or Swedish language

  • All music and texts must be original! 


To participate please send a completed script, including a musical recording (doesn’t need to be fully produced) and a signed statement of agreement (the last you will find below or it can be requested via email info@minimusicals.net).  The musical recording can be send via a transfer-website eg dropbox, wetransfer.


Download English

Mini Musical 2021 Information ENG

Terms and Conditions

Statement of Agreement 

Download Svenska

Mini Musical 2021 Information SVE

Allmänna Villkor


Your script and music for the Mini Musical - Alone on Earth competition must be received by April 30th 2021 latest. No extension will be granted.